As women we spend our lives juggling multiple tasks and responsibilities while feeling the pressure to look good and be stylish.

Often we spread ourselves light of self-care as we run out of time while caring for our families.

Our lifestyles need constant review to adapt to our personal life changes.

Finding balance is essential if we want our lifestyle to be sustainable.

When we live and lead a balanced lifestyle and make conscious choices, we automatically also contribute to sustainability.

The Lifestyle Club is based on this ethos, which is the foundation of The Morphbag handbag concept. 

I am a great believer that when women join forces and build communities, their solidarity creates an incredible force of support that drives change and growth to all members.

For this reason I created this community and called it the Lifestyle Club. 

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Lifestyle Master Classes with Experts

Here you will meet like-minded multi-tasking women, share and exchange any discoveries and tips on fashion, styling, beauty, travel, cooking, fitness, health, time management, weekend activities and anything life-style related in the safety of a private, members only group.

The ultimate aim is to enrich each other through exchange in order to make our individual lifestyles more sustainable and achieve personal as well as environmental balance.

With the Club being private, all tips will be genuine and not promotional like they would be on influencers or blogger's social media accounts

Last but not least, you will be able to give your personal input on features for the new Morphbag designs as the brand's ambition is to develop bespoke solutions for multi-tasking women who do not want to compromise on quality, style, practicality, ethics or sustainability.