The Story behind The Morphbag by GSK

I have always had a vivid interest in styling and consumer behaviour in fashion. It stems from my father who worked throughout the fashion industry. In recent years, I have watched as my daughter and my friends’ daughters have gone off to university or kicked off their professional careers, and my interest turned to bags.
I noticed a shift in the needs of the style conscious woman. They are looking for a delicate balance of practicality, style, function, and form. They need different looks for different occasions, and they also do not want to break the bank.
This is why I created The Morphbag by GSK.
Its name reflects the underlying purpose of the brand; I believe that women deserve a bag that was designed just for them and a bag that reflects the morphing and transforming that happens throughout their busy lifestyle from day to night, work to play, and everything in between.
I also wanted to create a cruelty-free bag that looks and feels like leather and break the misconception that faux-leather compromises on style and quality.
The Morphbag by GSK is proud to be part of the Conscious Fashion Campaign supported by the United Nations with the Common Objective to promote the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals in the Fashion Industry.