The Wellness Wednesdays

Lifestyle Hour

was created to share with The Morphbag Community our values of living a sustainable lifestyle in a practical context.

We will alternate rebalancing classes with inspirational women who share their Morph-Moment with us that initiated their desire for personal or professional change.

Kicking off this series, we are delighted and proud to introduce Marilyne Kekeli, creative director of @mamaterjewels, an exquisite sustainable jewellery brand whom we share our passion for sustainable luxury fashion accessories with. 💚 

For the 3rd edition of our Wellness Wednesdays Interviews, we talked with amazing Areta Hryschuk, mother of 2, visual arts teacher, ArtSocial Trustee and advisor to Malaika on the importance of giving back. She shared with us her personal Morph-Moment that instigated her desire to 'give back'. 

How to Build Up a Sustainable Wardrobe?

Building a sustainable wardrobe is so important for our wellbeing, state of mind and confidence.

If our wardrobe is not over filled and only contains items that suit us in shape and colour, we save time getting dressed in the morning and feel empowered wearing any items in our wardrobe.

The result is a feeling of being at ease with oneself and confident.

But how do we achieve it? Tune in this Wellness Wednesday and learn how by The One and Only London Sustainable Stylist, Roberta Style Lee.