Lululemon’s Strides Towards Sustainability

If you are into working out and yoga, you may be familiar with the brand Lululemon, athletic apparel that makes technical athletic clothes for yoga, running, working out, and most other sweaty pursuits. Lululemon has unveiled what it calls the world's first yoga accessories made from Mylo, a mushroom-based vegan leather developed by biomaterials company Bolt Threads. Bolt Threads is creating a vegan leather-like material called Mylo.


Mylo is made of renewable mycelium, which is the root structure of mushrooms. In terms of feel and texture, the cruelty-free material is comparable to conventional. It grows in only two weeks and may be modified to any type of finishing, embossing, or colour. This vegan leather made from mycelium reduces the need for animal leather and other synthetic leathers made from petroleum plastics.


Lululemon's new yoga mats and backpacks are made from this alternative solution. The new yoga accessories were created by Lululemon's Accessories Design team. Its new yoga mat provides a more environmentally friendly alternative to regular mats. The woven Mylo mat has 3D zonal alignment patterns inspired by the brand's Take Form Mat.


The Mylo material is used in the Lululemon Meditation and Yoga Mat Bag and the Barrel Duffel Bag. From woven handles to braided pulls, the business showcases the material's characteristics and utilitarian applications. These bags will be on the market in early 2022.


Aside from their new yoga gear, Lululemon has also introduced a sustainable line with colours produced from recycled orange and beet waste.


In addition, the company developed a “Lululemon Like New” re-commerce campaign. Customers can participate in this campaign by exchanging gently worn clothing for an e-gift card. These goods will then be cleaned and reused, while those that cannot be reused will be recycled. This initiative will enable the company to save about 50% of the product's carbon footprint and 310g of waste.


We thought this would be wonderful news to share as like us the brand is taking steps to display its dedication to building a healthier environment by using lower-impact goods, while also allowing them to rethink famous items in their range through a sustainability perspective.

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