The Morphbag by GSK handbag set is a sustainable, season-less handbag solution for the busy and stylish woman.

The inclusion of three colour-coordinated timeless handbags morph with your daily activities, your wardrobe and seasons, making the set a capsule wardrobe essential that is made to last.

All three handbags (reversible tote, cross-body/shoulder bag, clutch/matching wallet) come in colour-coordinated contrast colours that have been carefully selected to work with the main colour groups of a capsule wardrobe: black, brown and navy.

This innovative concept uniquely delivers sustainable use in addition to sustainable production and ethical materials.

The Morphbag by GSK has its foundations based on three core values:



Each of the three handbags designs in every Morphbag by GSK set has detailing in dual colours that have been carefully selected to work across seasons and across multiple wardrobe pieces.


The Morphbag by GSK set includes a reversible tote, a cross-body/shoulder bag and a wallet clutch. All designs are classic and will never go out of fashion.


The different shape bags and the dual colours offer versatile coordination with most wardrobe colours and practicality of us for a multitude of activities. The bag was designed as a season-less, timeless, capsule wardrobe handbag, versatile in colour and functionality, hence promoting slow fashion (Eluxe Magazine Best Slow Fashion Brand Award 2020)


As conscious consumers, we are constantly looking for ways in which our personal choices can contribute to a more sustainable future.

With cattle farming being by far the biggest contributor to CO2 emissions in livestock farming, representing over 60% of associated emissions and in consideration that;

a) the growth in cattle farming is driven by consumption habits and

b) more than 65% of leather being used is cow leather,

The brand’s objective is to lower the carbon footprint of livestock farming and contribute to a more sustainable future by supplying a look-alike replacement for cow leather.



The material used in the handbags is PETA certified luxury vegan leather (100% Polyurethane) that has been coated and textured to have the same pebble grain as cow leather in order to represent a cruelty-free substitute solution to animal leather, not only in terms of feel and touch, but also for quality and durability.

The lining in the cross-body bag is made from recycled water bottles.


As conscious consumers, we are constantly looking for ways in which our personal choices can contribute to a more sustainable future.

The Morphbag by GSK’s three foundation values are based on two fundamental goals:

I. To break the misconception that vegan leather compromises on look and quality and to reduce the demand for animal leather

II. To encourage sustainable shopping by offering a product that offers so much versatility that it minimises the need to keep shopping to serve different uses or styling purposes.