Creative Director and designer Giovanna Sessi-Knott is Italian and based in London, UK. Giovanna was raised in a fashion industry family and grew up with an innate sense of refined style. Prior to the launch of The Morphbag, Giovanna had a successful international career in business and a feted a London-based interior design firm.

Inspired by own experiences of work and travel and stylish multi-tasking women alike, Giovanna set out to redefine “the everyday handbag” to a “set of 3 sustainable handbags”.

Giovanna designed the Morphbag by GSK set of 3 bags to be versatile, functional and stylish for women always on the go but opted for premium faux leather that is P.E.T.A. certified vegan.

Her objective was to achieve premium quality vegan leather that looks like traditional leather to persuade non-vegans to choose cruelty-free bags over animal leather by proving to them that ethical choices do not need to compromise on quality or style.

The Morphbag by GSK is made from PU leather that has been coated and textured to look and feel like animal leather.

The premium quality of The Morphbag by GSK and the timeless, classic design will allow the bag to last for years.

The innovative IP registered concept of a set of 3 bags that includes a reversible tote, offers 4 looks to be used in all occasions, from work to leisure, thus scaling down the consumer’s contribution to the fashion industry’s problem of over-consumerism due to fast fashion.

The use of vegan leather in production aims at lowering the negative impact that fashion has on the environment in consideration of the need for a more sustainable future.

Together, we can make a change through our conscious lifestyle choices.