The Morphbag by GSK is an award winning sustainable, season-less handbag solution for the busy and stylish woman.

It is the 'every-day bag' reinvented as a versatile styling solution that adapts to a practical lifestyle in colour-coordinated options.

 Eluxe Magazine Slow Fashion Award judges “This is a really innovative concept, and really, it’s the only bag you need in your wardrobe!”

The Morphbag woman is busy, seeks practicality without wanting to compromise on her appearance. She is timeless and effortless in her style, a conscious shopper and invests in pieces made to last.


Key Highlights

Sustainable Slow Fashion Brand
Season-less & Stylist Approved
3-colour coordinated designs with reversible tote
COVID-19 friendly - easy clean
“I wanted to innovate the every-day handbag to a design concept that ‘does it all’ by morphing with our busy lifestyles, our wardrobe and activities.

My solution was to create a unique handbag concept that is sustainable in use as well as production and made from lusciously buttery vegan leather.
The designs needed to be chic, timeless, season-less, colour coordinated and so versatile to take us from day to night flawlessly.
All these are my brand deliverables. “
Giovanna Sessi-Knott, Founder of The Morphbag by GSK