The Morphbag by GSK handbag solution is innovative and has been patented as a 3-in-1 concept by GSK Bespokedesigns LTD, which is a company registered in England and Wales under company number 11247658.

GSK Bespokedesigns Ltd is partnered with a factory in Guangzhou, in Southern China, north west of Hong Kong. The factory is SGS audited.

The manufacturer shares The Morphbag by GSK values and the factory upholds strict human rights standards across its operations. Regular independent audits are run to ensure standards are maintained every time we go into production. Business practices, working conditions and safety of labour, fair wages and working hours, are monitored throughout the production process and an external audit certifies the operation of our manufacturer on all these accounts.

Here are some images of our manufacturing process. There is a lot of hand stitching and manual craft involved to achieve a precise execution of the intended quality of the handbags.

The Morphbag supply chain is simple and direct. Once manufactured, the products are shipped directly, via DHL Cargo (DHL GOGREEN SOLUTIONS) to The Morphbag offices, where the items are stocked, packaged and distributed directly to customers, again using DHL. All packaging used is made from recycled paper and cardboard.