14 ways to use and style with The Morphbag by GSK

The gap in the market that inspired the creation of The Morphbag by GSK handbag solution When your every-day handbag dictates what colour outfit you can wear in the morning …

Moving through my adult life I developed multiple handbag-needs which I felt the market was not supplying in one single purchase. This led unavoidably with me ultimately defaulting to buying yet another handbag to fulfil a function or match an outfit.

The result was that I owned a handbag for every occasion and for every outfit, had spent a fortune in the process but, nevertheless, had not really solved the problem.

The challenge would either be the lack of time in the morning to switch handbags if I wanted to wear a particular outfit and, most days, having a multi-tasking day ahead that would require different shaped handbags to serve my multiple activities practically.

Being someone who is stereotypically Italian when it comes to feeling the need to look impeccably colour coordinated in public, I also felt the need to wear colour and style coordinate bags when I needed to ‘multi-bag’.

These dilemmas and frustrations prompted me to fill the gap in the market and develop a versatile solution that would satisfy every need and every version of me and women alike.

So, let’s get started with

14 ways to use and style with The Morphbag by GSK


Voted Best Travel Bag by Cosmopolitan Magazine in 2019*, The Morphbag by GSK brings a solution to many travel needs.

The cross-body bag is ideal to walk hands-free through the airport. the front zip pocket is the perfect place to quickly and safely pull out your passport in and out while the reversible tote fits any items you wish to have easy access to during the plane ride. The tote fits under the seat in front of you sideways and will not restrict your leg room. During travel the clutch works well for any make up essentials.

The cross-body and clutch fit inside the maxi-tote allowing you to board without breaking your hand luggage allowance.

When you arrive at your destination, you will have 3 different sized bags for different occasions with the reversible tote opening up colour coordination with multiple outfits.


Carrying around a laptop and socialising after work poses outfit and accessorising challenges as we need to put together outfits that will work from desk to date.

I used to carry a laptop bag, a handbag and disposable bag around with the additional accessories for the evening: stilettos and clutch. On those days I did not feel confident about my look as it was messy.

The Morphbag is the perfect solution for the days we need to multi-bag. The 3 handbags will give you a colour coordinated elegant look when you carry lots around.

The reversible maxi-tote was designed to carry weight with wide straps to ensure there is no digging into your shoulder and works great to carry your laptop and files as well as stilettos or any other larger items you need to take into work.

The cross-body is super practical for commuting, leaving you hands-free and with a handy front zip you will have easy access to your travel card, while all your valuables are safely carried inside the handbag. It has adjustable straps to allow you to wear it also as a shoulder bag as well.

The clutch can be used as a wallet during the day but will be ideal to accessorise your evening outfit. There is a secure inside zip to hold your bank cards.

On your evening out, you can put the cross-body into your maxi-tote and leave them in the cloakroom while you can safely store your valuables in the clutch. The clutch strap allows you to hold your champagne glass while remaining hands-free to shake hands.


If you have small children you know the benefit of being hands-free to be able to hold their hands or run after them in the playground. The cross-body bag is the perfect accessory during these activities.

You probably also know the challenge of having to carry around their toys, water bottle, tablet, snack etc. You have probably also been in the situation during the colder months where you get into a heated building and are then handed over hats, gloves and scarves and not knowing where to put them. This is when you would also take along the maxi tote as an overflow bag next to your cross-body with all your essentials. The tote does not slip off your shoulder thanks to its large strap and this allows you to still hold their hands while your cross-body carries your valuables.

No compromise on style here either thanks to both bags being colour coordinated!


This is the time your pedometer will record the number of steps and you will want to be hands-free with your cross-body so that you can take pictures, look up directions and read your travel guide.


If you dislike carrying around a bunch of small shopping bags like me, then the maxi-tote will be a great choice on your shopping trips. Otherwise, the cross-body will serve you well on its own too if you wish to have your hands free to browse.


The clutch is your ideal choice when you only need the essentials. It is big enough to fit your mobile, make-up essentials and keys. There is also a secure inside zip to hold your bank cards. The clutch strap allows you to hold your champagne glass while remaining hands-free to shake hands or dance.


With the extra inside pocket for bank cards, the clutch can also be used a s matching wallet.


If you are going out after the gym, grab the tote to carry your gym clothes and put your valuables inside the clutch. Of course you can also take the cross-body. Whether you will carry 1 or all 3 bags of the set, with The Morphbag by GSK you will always look colour coordinated and sophisticated.


Match the season, the occasion, the outfit or your mood by reversing the tote. Here pictured the tote in Deep Sea & Cloud (left) and Green Pepper & Mustard (right).


The set was designed in dual colours with one side being muted and the other one vivid. This way the reversible tote can be used across seasons all year around.


Any handbag in The Morphbag set works great when dressing down, whether you head to the park for a lazy afternoon or meet your friends in the pub.


While all handbags in the set are timeless in design, the dual colour of each set has been chosen as contrast colours – one is ‘more conservative’ and the other one ‘more fun’ – thus allowing you cool down or pep up your outfit.


The classic geometric shapes of the handbags accessorise professional attire beautifully and give it a sophisticated look.


This is me in Paris for Paris Fashion Week. I travelled with The Morphbag by GSK set in Black Forest Green & Metallic Mushroom and I put the set’s versatility to full use depending on my activities and outfit choices.

All colourways of the Morphbag by GSK have been carefully selected in dual colours that would adapt across many colours of clothing and work across seasons. This is the reason why many struggle with choosing their Morphbag colourway as all Morphbag sets are so adaptable. Therefore, whatever colourway you choose, you cannot go wrong!

The Morphbag by GSK set is regarded as a key accessory of a sustainable capsule wardrobe and contributes to Slow Fashion.

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