The Morphbag's First Guest Blog

Following some BLOGS I have published on my own website, I feel honoured to have been asked by Immaculate Vegan to write a blog regarding some positive reflections on the covid-19 pandemic.

I titled my first guest blog


Finding Positive Change Though the Crisis

Reminiscent of the Hollywood movie, Outbreak, the world is at war against a new highly contagious and aggressive virus. We are trapped in this surreal situation and are desperately waiting for it to unfold, like a movie, into a resolution with a happy ending. But real life is rarely like the movies and for those (millions) of us who will have suffered from this epidemic – either through direct personal and/or economic loss – there will be no happy ending. However, we can always choose to look for the good things that come from bad situations … And we can choose to do things differently as the world ultimately emerges from this crisis.

What applies to the entire world during these challenging times, independently where we are on the contagion curve, is that the world as we once knew it has changed across four dimensions: environmental, governmental, commercial and societal/individual. These four dimensions have been elaborated in my article. Follow this link to read the full blog.


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