SELF-ISOLATION … and now what?

I feel humbled by the selfless acts of service men and service women who, day in and day out, are working to keep us safe and are caring for those affected by covid-19.

I feel privileged to be able to self-isolate and be safe. At the same, it is with shame that I need to admit that I have been floating through my days a bit like Dory (in Finding Nemo) after she got stung by the jelly fish and lost the ability to swim straight. Whilst I get up with a purpose and a list of tasks to do in my head, I have been ending up stumbling through my days starting lots and completing only few.

Talking to friends, I understand that this feeling of disorientation is shared by many. Do you feel the same? As we are Morphbag women and Morphbag women like solutions, I explored ways on how we can get ourselves into a new life balance.

Here are some tips I found.

Step 1: Ideally in the evening, we need to plan the following day with 3 tasks and schedule them physically in your diary. We need to treat them like meetings with a start time and an end time. For work I like using the app Trello. I create boards for every aspect of my life and list respective tasks in each of these and rank them by priority and set alerts.

Step 2: Along with the importance of keeping up work tasks (independently, if they are home management of job-related tasks), we need to self-care as well. This is essential during stressful times. Make sure you include time to take of all three aspects of self-care: body, mind and soul.

Step 3: We need to interact with friends. Apps like Facetime or Houseparty offer great ways to connect digitally. You can connect virtual get-togethers with multiple friends. Last weekend my family organised a games night with relatives spread in different time zones. We used Zoom to connect.

Step 4: Activate the Digital Wellbeing controls on your phone to ensure alerts do not disturb you when it is time to rest.

Feel free to send me your tips and feedback on

In the meatime, stay safe and healthy!



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Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

cfedzpydze March 19, 2021

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