Eluxe Magazine Awards - Best Slow Fashion Brand Winner 2020

The Morphbag by GSK

“This is a really innovative concept, and really, it’s the only bag you need in your wardrobe!”

Eluxe Magazine Judges

I am over the moon that The Morphbag by GSK has won an award in this category, after being nominated in two categories last year, which were: emerging fashion brand and vegan fashion brand. Having this recognition so soon after launching my brand in November 2019 was incredibly encouraging. As a small business and emerging designer awards like these from Eluxe Magazine are really important for brand recognition.

This year we were nominated for: vegan brand of the year, best up and coming ethical brand, and best slow fashion brand. Winning the category ‘Slow Fashion’ category fits in wonderfully with the GSK capsule collection concept.

Slowing down fashion was one of the one core drivers when I started my brand and has continued to be one of the brand’s core values.


When developing the concept, I wanted to include 3 things that were important to me:

1. The bags must be cruelty-free and I wanted to show there are great substitutes for leather

2.To help women transition from work to play, whilst being stylish and practical!

3. Support the slow-down of fashion consumption by creating a limited range

Read the Eluxe article here

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