Autumn/Winter Trends - Styling Loungewear 

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that wearing warm, cosy, comfortable clothing during the colder months is something we all need. Loungewear became a global ‘trend’ for all of us whilst living in our various lockdown(s) and confined to our homes.  In today's style blog, we’re going to show you some simple ways to sustainably style your existing loungewear and basic knits, so you can step out of the house with confidence. 

Wearing Nude Colours in Autumn/Winter Months

Nude is a great blank canvas for teaming with more neutrals for a minimalist and classic look, or it can be an excellent backdrop for bold accessories and lipstick! Muted colours tend to be popular in autumn/winter months - so it's the perfect time to experiment with styling them. 

One of the nicest things about finding your perfect shade of nude, is that once you know which is most flattering your skin's undertones it can illuminate your face subtly and make you look glowing and healthy (without any makeup). 

If you’re not sure if you’re warm or cool toned, check out this blog: How Do I Know If I Should Wear Cream or White by Roberta Lee, who our founder Giovanna had her colour analysis with. 

Neutrals are incredibly flexible and simple to style, regardless of the season. When you have a solid assortment of complimentary neutrals in your closet, your possibilities are truly endless. 

Wearing Colour Combinations  

White & Beige Outfit Ideas  

White and beige is a simple yet flattering colour combination.

 Autumn/Winter styling - wearing loungewear | white & beige outfit idea | large beige vegan tote

We’ve kept things fairly simple with this outfit, sticking with simply the white bralette and leggings alone... paired with our reversible beige tote bag from the Chocolate and Pralines set, which would look wonderful regardless of which side you decide to use. 

Throw on an oversized winter jacket in white, beige or brown to complete your look.

White & Dark Brown Outfit Ideas

Autumn/Winter styling - wearing loungewear | white & brown outfit idea | brown vegan leather cross-body bag


Autumn/Winter styling - wearing loungewear | white & brown outfit idea | brown vegan leather cross-body bag 



This look is a little more edgy, using our brown crossbody bag from our Chocolates and Pralines set, paired with a clean white tone and black chunky boots. 

Just like black, brown is a neutral that can work really well when combined with the correct colours. You can never go wrong pairing soft-white and brown together. 



White & Blue Outfit Ideas 

Autumn/Winter styling - wearing loungewear | white & blue outfit idea | light blue vegan leather tote gym shopping bag


This outfit is cosy and perfect for dashing to the gym or pilates studio.We’ve teamed this outfit with the reversible light blue tote bag from the Deep Sea & Cloud set. 

 We’ve paired cream, royal blue, light blue and a pop of white in this outfit for an off-duty look that still says stylish, without trying too hard.  

Autumn/Winter Trends Here To Stay 

One thing we call all be sure of is that the seasons will change, and we will always need warmer clothes. Cosy loungewear doesn’t need to be confined to the home, with the right coat and handbag you can elevate your look in an instant. Discover all of our handbags and colourways 

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