The Morphbag X Smart Works Collaboration

Empowering Even More Women 

The Morphbag by GSK | Empowering Women with Smart Works

Empowering more women to reach their full potential

Empowerment of women is a cause close to the hearts of both The Morphbag and Smart Works. Both share similar values and understand the importance of creating a community, helping, giving back, and enabling women to have their own ‘Morph-Moment’. 

Our handbags are designed to give busy women the confidence to get things done whilst looking coordinated and stylish. Every woman knows how important a good handbag is. 

Our handbag is part of our armor and a much-needed accessory we need to get through day-to-day life.

Black Vegan Leather Tote, Rose Gold Vegan Leather Tote, Black Cross-Body Bag, Rose Gold Slim Clutch bag in black | The Morphbag Capsule Collection The Morphbag Set in Rose Gold & Onyx  


This is why our founder Giovanna felt a collaboration with Smart Works would be perfect, and we are super proud to announce this collaboration will commence from November 2021.

The Morphbag  X Smart Works Live Interview 

The Morphbag by GSK |  Smart Works | Interview | Sarah Burns MBE


More details about the upcoming collaboration will be shared during the IG interview scheduled with Sarah Burns MBE, Chair of Smart Works Reading. 

When: Wednesday, 10th of November 2021 

Where: The Morphbag IG Live <> 

Time:  1 PM  (UK) 

The Morphbag by GSK | Community for Empowered Women

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How Smart Works Empowers Women 

The Morphbag by GSK | How Smart Works Empowers Women

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The  Smart Works story began back in 2013 and their impact and growth have gone from strength to strength. The charity recognised that for many women getting past the job interview stage can be very difficult and a significant barrier to success.

Without the necessary self-belief and practical tools, it is easy for women to become trapped in a cycle of failed interviews and unemployment. Smart Works believe in the power of clothes and coaching to transform a woman’s confidence. Their service is carefully designed, with kindness and respect at the heart of everything they do.

 Smart Works. is so much more than gifting clothes, it is about what these clothes allow each woman to become. When she looks in the mirror, she begins to see hope and possibility for a better future. That transformation starts with ‘self-belief’ and the clothes and accessories that are gifted are truly the start of a brighter future for these women. 

The Morphbag by GSK |  Smart Works Success Figures  Graphic

Smart Works relies on donations of pre-loved office wear and the kindness of like-minded organisations who wish to collaborate.  If we want to see more women succeed, then we must give them the tools they need to find their own journey to empowerment. 

The impact of the pandemic has heightened this and increased pressure to succeed at job interviews, meaning the women who rely on Smart Works support has never been more needed. 


Empowered Women Interview Series 

The Morphbag by GSK | Empowered Women Interview Series with Giovanna Sessi-Knott


Our founder Giovanna recently set up an interview series to inspire other women. Through hearing and learning from other women who have had their own life-changing stories, she hopes to empower more women to believe in themselves. 

The series focuses on women who have dramatically changed their own lives in what our founder likes to call a ‘Morph-Moment’. 

That moment when you have an epiphany, that jolt of realisation that things could be different…it's in that moment that you find the courage to make a change.  

During this series, women are introduced to the women who either found empowerment themselves or are on a mission to help others to find their own confidence and courage to embrace change and take action for a better future.

Together with Smart Works UK, our founder Giovanna is on a mission to inspire more women to believe in themselves and use fashion as a force for good.

The Morphbag by GSK | Community for Empowered Women


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You can find out more about The Morphbag interview series 

The Morphbag by GSK | Community for Empowered Women

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