Well-Being Tips for Busy Women

It goes without saying that our well-being should be a daily priority. It’s fundamental to our health, happiness and success. And yet it’s something we rarely consider, let alone plan out. For busy mums, business owners and entrepreneurs managing fast-paced lives, it’s all too easy to deprioritise our well-being. The result? Depleted energy reserves, feelings of overwhelm and anxiety.

According to a LinkedIn survey, 74% of women said they were very or somewhat stressed for work-related reasons, compared with just 61% of employed male respondents. While a separate study into workplace-culture found that employed mothers are 23% more likely to experience burnout than employed fathers.  (See original BBC article here).

Between wearing all the hats, it seems we often forget to take them off and relax. Whether you’re having a tough day or in need of a better one, this post is for you. We’ll discuss what well-being is, why it matters and share our top tips for a relaxing well-being routine.

What is Well-Being? And Why Does it Matter?

Broadly speaking, well-being is defined as “the state of being comfortable, healthy or happy”(Oxford English Dictionary). But what this looks like depends on the individual. For some people, running is a great source of happiness, for others, it’s quite the opposite! When it comes to wellness routines, it’s certainly not one size fits all.

Regardless of the activities or habits you choose, good wellbeing routines can and will make you feel better, perform better and flourish in your life. So you can spend less time stressing and more time achieving your dreams!

To help you create your perfect wellness routine, we’ve shared some of our favourite tips below. 

4 Simple Ways to Boost Your Wellness

  • Start Your Day the Right Way

  • Woman making her morning coffee | Daily well-being habits for busy women

    It’s true, starting your day off on the right foot really does set the tone for your day. Start by making your bed. Research shows that every small win gives you a hit of the feel-good hormone dopamine. Better yet, try completing several small wins for a prolonged feel-good buzz. Oh, and don’t forget to smile! Every time you smile you release little happy hormones called Serotonin too.

  • Set Your Intention for the Day
  • Woman setting her intentions for the day  | Daily well-being habits for busy women

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    Any career woman understands the importance of goal-setting, but how many set intentions? While goal-setting is about planning for the future, intention-setting is about living in the present moment. Intentions remind us how we want to live each day.

    Your daily intention can be a word, affirmation or even a sound that you repeat to yourself throughout the day. Here are 45 positive affirmations to get you started.

  • Feel Good Movement
  • Woman practising yoga | Benefits of working out with someone else on your wellness

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    Did you know regular aerobic exercise is shown to reduce anxiety by making your brain’s “fight or flight” system less reactive? One of our founder’s favourite wellness habits is to break up her workday with a workout. She loves cardio in the morning and yoga around lunchtime to reset her mind. 

    To earn bonus wellness points, try working out with a friend. A recent study found that moving in synchronicity with someone else improves your self-esteem. 

  • Stay Hydrated!
  • Woman in workout clothing drinking glass of water | IMportance of Hydration in a woman’s wellness routine


    We all know staying hydrated is important...but between school runs and meetings it’s easy to let this basic wellness habit slip. To keep on top of this, we recommend investing in a reusable water bottle and taking this with you wherever you go. Not only can you easily drink water in any setting but it’ll serve as a visual reminder to drink more. 

    Not a fan of water? Don’t worry, we’ve covered this too. Here’s how you can stay hydrated without water.

    What does your wellbeing routine look like? Have you got any wellness tips you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments or over on our socials.

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