Sustainable New Year’s Eve Outfit Ideas by Roberta Lee

We hand over the blog to Roberta Lee, aka London’s Sustainable Fashion Stylist and Style Expert, who shares her tips on how to look fabulous, but be more sustainable this New Year. 


Roberta Lee The Sustainable Stylist


New Year’s Eve Outfit Ideas 

The following outfit ideas are classic, timeless and will be perfect for multiple occasions (not just a New Year’s Eve Party). But before I start with my tips for the festive season, I just wanted to say that the most sustainable outfit option you can create is by using what already exists in your wardrobe. 

The second most sustainable options are to repair and reimagine, or to buy preloved or to rent - and finally, the third option is to buy something new. If you do buy new, consider your budget and see if you can invest in ethical and sustainable brands. Then ask yourself will I wear the items at least 100 times? If it's a No, consider options 1 and 2.  

Style Tip 1 - Shop Your Own Wardrobe First

Before even contemplating buying anything new, take a look through your existing belongings and pull out any clothing that meets the following criteria:

  • Velvet 
  • Sequins 
  • Glittery / Shimmery materials 
  • Embellished pieces 
  • Metallics
  • Mini dresses 
  • One shouldered pieces

Think about festive colours that most of us already have:

  • Reds
  • Black 
  • Silver 
  • Gold 
  • Burgundy 
  • Mustard 
  • Lively prints

     Look 1: Party Outfit Traditional Black & Gold

Black and Gold New Year’s Eve Outfit Ideas | Rose Gold Clutch

Outfit Details

Jenerous Fashion Organic Cotton Black One Shoulder

Shop the Rose Gold Morphbag Clutch here


At this time of year, it's always fun to pull out those dresses from the back of the wardrobe and show them a good time. It’s also worth thinking about those existing little black dresses and sparkly jumpsuits before rushing out to buy something new. Environmental charity Hubbub estimates that people spend an average of £73.90 each on new party clothes at Christmas… yet many items are worn less than three times. 

Look 2: Party Outfit Bold Prints & Red 

Funky Style New Year’s Eve Outfit Ideas | Red Clutch

Outfit Details

MyaMiko One Shouldered Ethically Made Dress

Shop the Red Morphbag Clutch here
vegan leather evening bag clutch in burgundy red | The Morphbag by GSK

Although we often associate New Year with sequins and decadent fabrics, a vibrant print can work too - pair with a deep red clutch for those festive vibes - this outfit also works well with the mustard yellow clutch. 

Styling Tip 2 - Mix And Match Textures For a Luxe New Year’s Outfit

New Year’s Eve Sustainable Party Outfit Ideas |  Featured brands: Belles of London Red Velvet Jumpsuit and The Morph Bag Rose Gold Clutch


Outfit Details

Bells of London Jumpsuit, ethically made in North London

Shop the Rose Gold Morphbag Clutch here
vegan leather evening bag clutch in rose gold | The Morphbag by GSK

It’s time for a try on! Very often contrasting fabrics work well when paired together. New Year’s Eve is a great time to be adventurous. Velvet and Metallics go great together - red and gold is classic and bold, and never goes out of style. If nothing fits, feels flattering and you’ve really run out of options move onto Tip 3. 

Style Tip 3 - Borrow, Swap or Rent Your New Year’s Outfit

Again before buying a ‘NEW’ party outfit, really consider the alternative options and the sobering fact that most party outfits see less than 3 outings. 

Call a friend or family member who is a similar size and see if they have anything you can borrow. 

Or take a look at the influx of clothes swapping apps that have popped up to help great clothes stay out of landfill. 

If you’re looking for something really special, and just want to treat yourself, consider renting a dress for a fraction of the RRP price. You’ll be able to wear something incredibly glam and likely find a rental close to the price of  £73.90! I’ve featured 7 of the best places to rent clothes in my sustainable style guide over on 

Sustainable Shopping Tip 4 - Support Small Ethical Slow Fashion Businesses 

New Year’s Eve Ethical Outfit Ideas |  Featured brands: Jenerous Fashion +  Belles of London + The Morph Bag

Covid-19 continues to scupper our party plans, and whilst NYE gatherings may be reduced to a maximum of 3 households here in the UK, it doesn’t mean we can’t get dressed up. If you’re shopping consciously and have thought of at least 5-ways to style your new investment, then go forth and treat yourself. Try and support small businesses this year - these are the ones that really need our support during the pandemic. Times are tough, but if you can afford to splurge on a new dress, jumpsuit or skirt, try and shop ethical instead. 

For more festive styling tips, read our previous blog post. And if you need ideas on shopping for outfits to compliment your Morphbag clutch - head over to Ethical Brand Directory for my ethical picks. Or head over to for even more styling and shopping tips.


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